Overseas buyers


The internationally-popular desire to own a home in Italy is increasing more and more interest in the last 2 years and it is unlike to fade because Tuscany owns all the things that people look for: a temperate climate, breath-taking views, spectacular countryside, a Mediterranean coastline and world famous cultural centres such as Florence, Pisa, Lucca and Siena.

For non-Italians, Tuscany is probably the most famous region in Italy. Its name immediately brings clear images to mind – even to the minds of those who have never been there.
Tuscany’s countryside, with its incredible landscape made of rolling hills fuzzed with olive groves, zigzagged vineyards and long lines of cypress trees, is the best-known place to enjoy a spot of rural dolce vita.

Its most important city, Florence, is among the world’s most visited.
It is very firmly fixed in the popular imagination as a place of culture, art, fashion and sophisticated relaxation.

We all know that, but why overseas buyers’ interest in acquiring houses in Italy is raising year by year more and more interest? And, most of all, is it safe to make an investment in Italy and particularly in Florence?

- Today international buyers want to invest in what has historically been a very stable property market. In times of uncertainty and low yields from the stock market, investing in Tuscan estate properties is not just a good investment but also offer the opportunity of enjoying the investment.

- Houses prices are now attractive and it is possible to find a great choice of good value properties available, which makes right now an exeptional good time also for buyers with a small budget.

- Italy is currently in an economic recession because of worldwide Covid pandemic, like other countries nowadays, but unlike other countries such as Greece or Spain, Italian property market has never witnessed a wholesale collapse and it has never seen significant tumble in property prices.
That’s why buying in Italy is considered a safer investment option than buying in other Eurozones.

- Italy tends not to suffer sudden booms and busts on its property market and prices do not suddently increase only to crash down later.
Tuscany protect its territory with strict planning laws that restrict new building and restoration works must be done in conservation, mantaining the region’s traditional style and character. It means that it will be very unlikely that a home will loose its value.

- Florence, is a pricy city, althought holiday rental prospects here are excellent year-round.

- Improved travel connections, such as low-cost flights, have opened up to Italy to more visitors and made most of Italian cities well reachable from any Eurozone countries.

Nowadays Italy offers plenty of quite low-priced homes, and it definitely worth your investigation.

So, if you are retiring and dream a place in the sun, or if you just want to make a good investment that you can also enjoy, all you have to do is come to Italy and we will make the rest ...

Come and let your dream come true!