This initial procedure is very important to secure a safe purchase.
Since the first moment we acquire the property to sell, we carry out all the necessary and legally required checks on it, by acquiring and assembling all the documentation relevant to the sale (previous Deed of Sale, technical documentation relating to “urbanistica” and “catasto”, planning permissions, eventually mortgage documentation and any legal or financial matters).

All our properties are previously checked by our “Geometra” (a Technical Advisor - Chartered Surveyor) who acquire all the above documents and, after having checked all the information relevant to the sale, will carry out a technical report that provides confirmation that the property complies with applicable building laws and certifies the marketability of the property.
This procedure allows a secure purchase with the knowledge that the property chosen is free from any potential problem.


If you are planning to buy a home not in your country, but abroad, we understand that you must have the most accurate information and the most realistic and complete photo reportage in order to select the rights properties you will decide to arrange the viewing of and in order to plan your time well, instead of wasting it!
We think photos are essential when buying a home, we have long experience in real estate photography, our in-house photographer carries out a very accurate work on each house.


Before your purchase:

Our aim is to find the right property for you and show you those properties that fit your buying needs and be interesting for you. To do this we will need to know exactly your criteria and requirements. If you still do not have clear ideas, we will guide you through all the necessary information of the area in order to let you get more and more near to your perfect home, also showing you a selection of properties to help fine tune your decision process. Buying a property abroad is a major investment and we recommend you book an appointment at our office; we will be happy to dedicate you our time to introduce properties and our beautiful country to you; we do not want you to feel as you have to buy on your first visit, but instead we wish that you take your time in order to take your decisions in a relaxed evironment.

Once you have found the house you like, we will answer to all your technical questions and, prior to any commitment to purchase it, we will provide you with a detailed estimate of the total purchase costs payable.

When you will be ready to buy we will guide you through the entire buying process and deal with all the necessary documents. At this step we will provide assistance in obtaining an Italian tax code, in opening an Italian Bank account, in applying for a mortgage. At this step we will liaise between vendors and buyers and we will handle the negotiation to bring the sale to its conclusion.

After you purchase:

We will provide you all the services that will help you settle down in your new home:
we will help you to change all the utilities contracts into your name and will assist you with the payments if you will need to renovate the home, we will offer you any advice you may need (we have a network of workers and suppliers who can help you if you need to make restoration works we will assist you with advice on where to buy furniture and help you to keep your property maintained and we will ease all the worries about owning a home abroad!

we can cut out a huge amount of the legwork of renting out your property by:

  • Advice on different types of rental contract foreseen by Italian law and on all the requirements for the rental market
  • Advertising and promotion on our web site and on other national/international rental websites
  • Prospective tenants search
  • Reference and credit checks reports on potential tenants
  • Advices on “landlord insurance” in order to cover your home when tenants live in your home
  • Draw up tenancy agreements
  • Deal directly with the tenant on you behalf if you’d prefer not to do it by yourself
  • Deal with local builders, electricians, plumbers etc.